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Cookie Policy

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Through this Cookie Policy, Servicios de Colaboración Integral, S.L.U (hereinafter, the Company) guarantees compliance with the applicable regulations.

This Cookie Policy can be amended at any time for legal or regulatory reasons, for technical purposes or for changes to the Website’s service provision; the version published at any given time shall be valid.


  1. What are cookies?

To guarantee your privacy, we hereby inform you that we use cookies to enhance our website based on user activity and browsing frequency.

A cookie is a file that is downloaded on your device (computer, smartphone or tablet) when you access a website and enables the owner of that website to store or recover certain information about multiple variables such as: knowing the number of times the website was visited by the user, identifying the registered users, guaranteeing the user sessions while browsing the website and enabling users to make secure and stable transactions.

As stated, cookies provide information about the users’ browsing habits and, consequently, they may affect their privacy; therefore, we provide the necessary information about the types of cookies used on our website so that you can fully decide about their use and your privacy protection.

In this sense, we hereby inform you that you must enable the cookies on your Internet browser if you want to use all the Website’s services and features.


  1. Types of cookies used

The types of cookies used and their purpose are as follows:

Session cookies: these cookies are designed and used to collect and store data while the user accesses a website. As the name itself states, these cookies are stored on your device until your user browsing session finishes.

Analytic cookies: these cookies are designed and used to monitor and analyze user behavior. These types of cookies enable the website owner to measure the website activity through aggregate or statistical information. For such purposes, our Website uses the Google Analytics cookies that have different expiries based on the information that they provide.

Third-party cookies: these cookies allow the inclusion of third-party content on our website and are used to show maps on Google Maps.


  1. Who uses cookies?

The information collected through a website’s cookies can be used by the website owner or by a third party that provides a service to the owner. In this sense, the information from the cookies that are used is only treated by the Company, i.e. no third party can access the information provided by the cookies when they are installed on the device.


  1. How to manage cookies

Taking into account the information provided through this Cookie Policy, we hereby provide information about managing the cookies used through the most common browsers (Explorer, Firefox and Chrome).

If you disable all the cookies from the website, some of its features and content may be affected.

4.1. How to see cookies

All the browsers allow users the possibility of seeking and seeing the cookies installed on a certain website, obtaining information about their duration and deleting them, as stated in the next section. The links to the most used browsers regarding this issue are as follows:

.-Google Chrome:

.-Mozilla Firefox:

.-Internet Explorer:

4.2. How to delete cookies

To restrict or block cookies, you must change the browser configuration used on your device (computer, smartphone or tablet). In general, browsers provide the following configuration options in relation to cookie installation:

The browser can reject all the cookies and, therefore, no cookies from any website are installed on your device.

The browser can warn you before a cookie is installed so that you can decide to accept or reject the installation.

The browser can only reject third-party cookies from websites that you visit but not those used by the website that you browse.

The browser can provide a private browsing option through which the cookies are installed on the device but are automatically deleted when you finish browsing the website.

.-Google Chrome:

.-Mozilla Firefox:

.-Internet Explorer:

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